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"It's because you touch me..."

Victor muttered the words almost under his breath, looking away as he did so. She'd asked for compliments, expecting him to come out with another colorful collection of adjectives to describe her body - but instead, he'd come out with this, one of the real reasons why he kept on coming back.

With most women, conquering them was barely even an issue any more. His brute strength and the violent nature of his mutation meant that it was easy to overpower them, to pin them down and force them to do whatever he wanted, even with many mutant females - but with Kitty, strength didn't help him much at all. The nature of her ability allowed her to negate his raw physical power, letting her phase out of his grasp at even the lightest of touches. Gaining even this much of her trust had been something of a challenge. And to have her want to touch him, when most females - human or otherwise - did their best to stay out of his way, then...

...that meant the most of all.
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"Yeah, it's all here. Look." Victor smirked as he counted out the bills again, handing them over to the man behind the counter with a barely-suppressed grin. Sure, he'd received some funny looks walking in here with a girl who could almost look young enough to be his daughter - but the staff would never suspect that he was actually old enough to be one of their great-grandparents, too. "See? Now, gimme the keys."

With a hint of fear, the checkout staff handed him the room key which he took eagerly in one of his clawed hands, flashing a fanged smile at them as he turned back to Kitty.

"Okay, so it ain't the Hilton, but it ain't a Best Western, neither."


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