Nov. 5th, 2011 09:36 am
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Protected the kid who killed our father. Kept him alive durin' those harsh Canadian winters. Never let him go home. Fuckin' stupid decision, coulda stayed behind, coulda let him run off alone an' he prob'ly woulda survived anyway, but... if I went back? I'd do it all over again.
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I've always been pretty fond o' 'faggot'. Oh, an' 'cunt'.
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Post for [ profile] sixwordstories:

Missile Crisis causin' war? Here's hopin'.

((OOC: 1962-era Victor, to try and fit him into 'First Class' better~))
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Okay, so I have been crazily excited about 'X-Men: First Class' coming out and working out how to fit it into Victor's timeline, and this is pretty much what I've come up with:

Non-Spoiler Version: The Vietnam War in which Victor and Logan were involved lasted from 1955-1975; the events of 'X-Men: First Class' are centred around the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Victor and Logan completed a tour of Vietnam pre-1962, and returned to the States where they were potentially present for the events of the movie. After this they were called up for service in Vietnam once more, and it was during this time that Victor went batshit and the feral brothers ended up becoming a part of Team X.

This part of his backstory will apply to all 'verses; when RPing Victor from this era, I'll be using the 'Team X' icons to identify him as being younger.

Spoilery Version Here! )


Mar. 28th, 2011 06:05 pm
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You Are the Dragon

You are powerful and a bit intimidating. While you do have a bit of a temper, your bark is much more vicious than your bite.

In general, you tend to be fair and even noble. You treat everyone with respect, and you try to do right by people.

However, if someone crosses you, you can get downright nasty. Your emotions can get the better of you.

You don't literally breath fire when you're angry, but enough. It's best not to make you bad.

...whoever wrote this clearly ain't never been on the receivin' end of my fangs. Heh. An' where the hell did all that noble bullshit come from, anyways?
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((OOC: Image is not mine! It's by prodigy69 at 8D ))
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I can still remember one of the first times me an' Jimmy went to the movies.

Sure, it don't sound like much now, but movin' pictures was a pretty big thing back then. Can still remember what we went to see, too - Buster Keaton's 'The General' - an' I can remember Jimmy almost hootin' his stupid hairy ass off. I swear, I recall thinkin' that I hadn't saved his ass from that sniper in White Oak Swamp just to have him die laughin' in a goddamn movie theater.

Can't even remember where that was, now. Somewhere 'round Virginia, I think. 'Course, the battles had already started t'blur into one by then. First World War'd been over for a while, an' for most of the kids watchin' that movie with us, it really had been their first war, an' their only one. For me an' Jimmy, shit, it'd been our - third? Fourth? Gettysburg, St-Mihiel, Santiago, Shenandoah - we'd already seen 'em all.

Couldn't help but start wonderin', even back then, how many more of 'em we would end up seein'. Sure, we knew we could heal, but how long was that gonna last? Just about everyone we'd known when we'd first signed up had died by then anyways, eaten up by old age if a rifle ball or a stray piece of shrapnel hadn't gotten to 'em first - an' that was just the ones what got killed by the other side. Jesus, an' people wonder why I don't wanna suddenly be B-F-fuckin'-F with every son-of-a-bitch that I bump into.

Shit, if Jimmy'd been laughin' any louder, he'd have been lucky to make it out of the damn theater in one piece.

((OOC: Random history!drabble is random. Mun apologises for any glaring historical inaccuracies. Commentary is more of an IC reflection than anything else, and other characters should not assume that they've 'overheard' this and have this knowledge.))


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