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Victor didn't make it a habit of his to carry a phone with him anywhere, but lately, it seemed to be something of a good idea. For a start, trying to work the damn thing with his claws was irritating as hell, not to mention the annoying noises it made when it did ring. He could recall a time before phones had even been invented, and he remembered it as being blissfully quiet. Still, the thing had its uses occasionally.

...but now wasn't one of those times, at least as far as he was concerned. He was making his way through the woodland near to the house where he'd lately taken up residence, doing his best to track down a deer that he'd spotted in the past day or so, and the need to hunt was just burning in his blood. He'd finally managed to corner the creature a short distance away from the house when that damned phone had begun to ring.

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Victor was still feeling somewhat cowed from Manuel's manipulation of his emotions, even though he hadn't yet realised that Allison's lover had been the one responsible for his sudden panic; although he'd calmed down now, he wasn't proud of the way he'd turned tail and run away, just when things were getting interesting. That had been a few hours ago now, though, and he returned to the room he shared with Logan to just catch some rest. As he strolled in he could tell from the scent that his brother was already there - and was still a lot smaller.

"Hey there, Jimmy."
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It was all her fault.

If it hadn't been for her, then he wouldn't have lost that fight. If it hadn't been for her, he could've even beaten Jimmy eventually. If it hadn't been for her, he wouldn't be in such a bad mood right now. Growling, he sent out a mental shout for Jean, wanting not only an audience for his revenge, but also an ally for his potential torture. Besides, he knew the woman would enjoy it.

Is your little room-mate home, Jeannie? I'd like to have a word.

((OOC: Suggested posting order for this - Victor, Jean, Olivia~ ))
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It was just too much for him to take. The way she taunted and flirted, the violent memories she'd saved and broadcast for him, the exhilirating feeling that he got from her mental connection; he just couldn't resist Jean any longer, and it was time to act on his instincts.

He never would have been like this if Emma hadn't cut him off so brutally, so cruelly. She'd turned her back on him, severed their connection, left him feeling alone and abandoned. He'd been easy pickings for Jean as soon as he'd met her, and he didn't even realise himself just how emotionally vulnerable he was; it was no excuse for what he was planning to do, but in his mind, it justified his actions to some degree. By going to Jean, he'd spite Emma in more ways than one, make her regret pushing him away as well as acknowledging that Jean's powers were substantial. He didn't know just how highly Emma prized her powers, but if she were anything like him, she'd hate the idea of someone bettering her with them.

Smirking to himself, he made his way to the womens' dormitories, breathing in the wecome scent of so many female bodies living closely together, his mind already wild with ideas as he arrived at the room where Jean was waiting for him, alone.
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He'd been watching her for a while. The blonde one, the newest arrival, the attractive young female who kept strutting around and showing off that tight, toned body of hers as if she were just waiting for someone to come along and help themselves. She was practically asking for it. It didn't help that she was the first female to be properly assigned to the team; that meant that Victor had been following her pretty much since she'd turned up, catching her scent where he could, trying to catch a glimpse of her body whenever it seemed as if she might reveal herself. He'd helped himself to the local women, sure, but they'd only been appetisers compared to what was laid out in front of him. Allison would be the main course, and he was hungry.

((OOC: Backdated to when Team X were stationed in Africa, and before Laura Kinney and Emma Frost turned up - which means there weren't any other women around on the team at the time.))
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He'd been out hunting again, gone from the penthouse for the past few days; after everything that had happened in the past few weeks, he needed to just get the hell away from everything and everyone, even Emma, just to clear his head and calm himself down. He'd been getting better at that, but he still couldn't help himself sometimes.

As soon as he arrived at the top of the lift, something was wrong. He knew it. He could tell just from the simple fact that Emma wasn't there to greet him from the elevator like she usually did, eager to see him and keen to hear what he'd been up to - even though she could read it straight from his mind if she'd wanted. He frowned as he walked further into the penthouse, his first concern for her safety; he moved cautiously towards the living area, alert for the smell of her blood and the sound of her voice, his claws already unsheathing as an overwhelming sense of uneasiness gripped him.


He moved towards the living room, instinctively pausing as he caught sight of the silhouette of someone sitting there and staring out of the large window, but it only took him a moment to recognise the scent as belonging to Emma. And she wasn't her usual self at all.

"Baby... is everything alright?"
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*Well, this power-switch problem hadn't turned out to be so bad after all, at least not as far as Victor was concerned. In fact, he was really starting to get used to Emma's telepathy, already having become used to the telepathic link she'd forged between them when she'd been the one with the power. Already, he'd been able to taunt Dukes from a distance and locate Logan without being anywhere near him, not to mention cause Bradley some distress by sending pornographic images directly into his mind. But perhaps she should start to learn how to enjoy his powers some more, too.*


*He called out for her with his mind, as he had done regularly lately, and waited for a response. It was time she learned how to really enjoy the hunt - and how to claim her prey at the end.*


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