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With thanks to [ profile] double_dynamite who stumbled across this piece of eye-candy and was kind enough to share:

SUIT-SHIRT. THAT IS ALL. I have been after a decent picture of Liev/Victor in a shirt for aaaaaaaaaages. <3
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] watch_the_nails! ^_^ This LiveJournal is officially One Whole Year Old today, so to celebrate, I've assembled a truckload of Liev!picspam and eye-candy for perusal. I've posted a load of 'em before, but have 'em again anyways! Happy nomming~

Just in case anybody HASN'T seen this Promo Spot... (Prepare for eargasms. He will come for you, without mercy.)

Victor plays tennis!

Victor in a suit!

Victor does lunch with Bradley!

Victor drives a scooter! (Wait, WTF?)

On-The-Set pictures from the 'Nam scenes. (There's so many of 'em, they get their own damn post.)

Victor at the beach! (Again, a SHEDLOAD of these, so get their own post, too.)

Victor with child... (Yep, another sub-post of shinies~)

Having fun with a gun during the Normandy beach landings, minus the grainy sepia-tint.

On-Set at the Bar Fight scene, looking warm and positively fuzzy~

And last, but by NO means least...

Fake!Naked Liev. SO VERY VERY NSFW.
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(With apologies to Emma/Jessie/Nat...)

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In a wetsuit...

...and in swimming trunks. He fills the trunks and they aren't even tight. Dear Sweet Lord, HE FILLS THE TRUNKS.


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