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I'm really sorry, everyone, but as you may have guessed, this has been coming for a while.

This journal is three years old today, and it's been an absolutely fantastic three years, but there's just no way I can keep up with LiveJournal RP any more. Apologies for having to drop plot-lines and prospective stories with you all, but I'm just too busy with things in Real Life to be able to devote enough time to online RP.

If you want to find me elsewhere on the internets, I'm available via email - - or on Ye Olde Book of Faces as Draco Rattus.
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Apologies for not being around much lately, people; I've been really busy with stuff IRL - GOOD stuff, but stuff nonetheless - and have barely been online at all. I should hopefully be able to catch up on things this weekend, so if I've missed anything, gimme a poke, y'hear?

- Your 'Friendly' Local Ol' Feral
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As you may have guessed by now, I won't be around for a few days. I'm at my parents' place over Christmas, with the usual festive round of family visits, so I'll be busy doing the sociable thing nomming lots of tasty foods and playing party games and stuff. Not only that, but I've found that I actually need a break from the internets for a while; much as I do love my RP, I'm pretty much burnt-out right now and would definitely benefit from a break. I should hopefully be back within the week, fed, watered, rested, and ready to rock 'n' roll.

tl;dr: brb, Christmas
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'Tis the season to be... busy, apparently. And, as such, I don't have as much internet time as I used to. Drastically less, in fact. I'll be cutting back on my tagging in a pretty major way and I'll most likely be dropping threads here and there, but if there are any threads you really want to continue with me, please let me know, although my activity may be a little sporadic for some time.

Victor!muse is still very much alive, well, and spouting profanities. Mun just doesn't have enough time to keep up with him properly.
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Yup, it's that time of year again! If anyone would like me to send them a Christmas card from Victor, please send me your address (preferably email it to ) and I'll see what I can do. I will gladly send them to anywhere in the world, probably with an IC letter as well, 'cause it's fun. :)
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A brief OOC note - my laptop charger appears to be borked, which means that I may not be able to get online properly until I get a new charger sorted. Apologies if this delays me getting onto tags and things. :|

EDIT: I LIVE. For now. Charger seems to be picky about how and where it's plugged in, so... we'll see.
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Since the idea's been well-received, here's another round of updates as to what's been going on in Victor's various 'verses. Whooooo.

Bump In The Night 'Verse

- mocked Amy yet again
- told Arawn that he has chosen Heidi to be the UnSeelie Princess, and that Claire is pregnant

Night of the Hunter 'Verse

- after Jake's attack, Mads gave Victor a proper 'welcome' home [locked]
- talked to Mads about his brother, Jake
- told Mads he has a good singing voice
- went shopping with Mads for groceries
- while Victor was away, Logan paid Mads a not so friendly visit
Mads gave Victor a key to his house
- taught Mads some French
was not happy to see Morgan turn up on the doorstep
- returned from a hunting trip and made Mads eat a sandwich
- watched a video of an axolotl
- snuggled with Mads and discussed Crystal's apparent jealousy
- confronted Morgan and told him to GTFO
- molested Mads while he tried to watch some TV
- in revenge for him almost killing Angel, Daken fought Victor and set him on fire...
- ...then went to Mads' house to 'speak' to the shifter, and discovered that Mads and Victor are lovers

Pussy Cat 'Verse

- confused Jessie by watching a video of an axolotl
- introduced James and Ariel to good music

Other Stuff

- spoke some French
- was amused by an axolotl
- had a musical interlude
- offered his own unique take on contraception
- tried to explain porn
- offered some surprisingly sage advice to Rabastan Lestrange...
- ...the continued to mock him
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Ah, fuck it. It's been ages since I've done one of these things.

The How's My Driving Meme

Yeah, I know I have a few other characters around too, but Victor's the only one I really use on a regular basis.
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I won't be around as much over the next two weeks for a couple of reasons.

One, my laptop is dying - the battery is just about dead and won't charge any more, even when it's plugged into the wall - and two, I'll be away on holiday in France from 17th-24th September. I *should* have internet access while I'm there, but obviously, how much access I have depends on whether my laptop has exploded by then. I may be able to use my mother's netbook, but I doubt she'd appreciate me locking myself away and using it for hours at a time. :|

Until I get my laptop fixed I do still have the use of my Fail!PC in the house, although by now it's little more than a glorified brick. Hurrah.
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Heads up, people - I won't be around from Friday through to Sunday night/Monday as I'm going to a Live Action Roleplay Weekend near Miskin, and the Elven Redwoods aren't really known for their internet connections. IC explanations for the absence can be explained as follows:

Bump in the Night 'Verse: Victor has shut himself away in his chambers for a few days, absorbed in the research of his magic. Fenris is nowhere to be found.

Night of the Hunter 'Verse: After almost killing Angel, Victor felt the need to go and let off some steam so he's gone hunting in the wilds for a few days, leaving Mads at home on his own.

Everywhere Else: He's either off hunting, staking out your house, or passed out in a brothel somewhere. Take your pick.

See you in a few days~
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Starting from today, I'm going to try and do a weekly-ish round-up of Victor's various threads from his different 'verses, mainly because it's a lot easier for me to keep a track of plots and things this way. Comments are enabled and welcomed, in case anyone has way too much free time. And so, without further ado, here's the first bumper edition! Other ones will be smaller than this, I promise. Recently, Victor:

Bump In The Night 'Verse

- put on a violent display of his Kingly authority [fic]
- has begun to dabble in some very dark magic indeed [fic]
- gloated to Amy about the injuries he'd inflicted on Nathan, and got an iron knife in the shoulder for his trouble
- found solace with Arawn on the true King's sick-bed, and discussed erecting a memorial to Nantosuelta, as well as to the supposedly-dead King
- argued with Alex, the Spirit Guide
- gloated at Claire, and discovered that she is pregnant
- got warned by Logan that his brother would be leaving Fae
- bitched at Belenus, and blamed HIM for everything that happened to Arawn
- found out from Erik that humans are no longer dying (Miracle Day)
- is fighting Hellboy. AGAIN.
- paid Heidi a visit in the Mortal Realm
was NOT pleased to discover that Jack is the Gatekeeper between the Fae and Mortal Realms
- got upset when Logan told him he was actually leaving the UnSeelie Court to live in the Mortal Realm with Sarah
- tried to please Elle in bed, since he's been neglecting her lately [smuttysws]
- tried to make Kitty doubt for bby!Sammy's safety, and took pleasure in giving her details of the Final Battle
- explained to bby!Monty where babies comes from
- picked a fight with River Song [smuttysws]
- offered Heidi the position of UnSeelie Princess

Night of the Hunter 'Verse

- gave Mads some post-coital reassurance of their relationship [fic]
- went out for dinner with Mads, and had a disagreement...
- ...then went home with him and made up on the couch [smuttysws]
- warned Morgan off Mads
- cleaned the wounds left by an unwanted visit from one of Mads' Pride [smuttysws]
- revealed to Crystal that he and Mads are lovers
- was less than impressed by Mads getting a kitten
- found Mads less than stable after a visit from Mads' brother, Jake [locked]

Other Stuff

- wanted you all to just STFU
- insisted that HE ISN'T GAY. REALLY. [smuttysws]
- is looking forward to wishing Daken a Happy Birthday, hooray!
- had a short exchange with Mystique


Aug. 16th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Victor's profile for an AU!Russian!version of him, for use in the 'Owned' 'verse.

tl;dr - Instead of being Canadian, Viktor was born in Russia and spent most of his life as a criminal within the Gulag labour camps.

Cut to save your sanity, because long profile is long... )
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What up, peeps.

Just a quick note to say sorry for not being around much at the moment! I'm doing good, but I have a lot of social things happening IRL (going to my third wedding in less than two months this week, WTF) so I haven't been on for as much RP as usual. I'm also finding it somewhat difficult to bash out tags; the Victor-muse is still very much alive, but I'm often too tired or brain-dead to manage any competent level of RP, so again, sorry.

Anyway, I am hopeful that RP business will be resumed as usual at some point over the next few weeks. And sleep. Sleep...
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Don'tcha just hate those random porny IMs that pop up out of nowhere sometimes? I blame this on a lack of sleep and too much sugar... and replied to one IC. Just because.

..... )


Jun. 28th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Due to having a crazily-busy few weeks IRL at the moment (thankfully, nothing too stressful - a couple of weddings, a few birthdays and various social gatherings) my tagging has slowed down considerably, and I've provisionally dropped a few threads here and there. If anyone thinks I may have dropped a thread with them and they really, really want to continue it, please drop me a line to let me know and I'll do my best to keep it going, albeit slowly!
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Victor's profile for the [ profile] team_x AU! World Wipe plot - although if I end up really liking this version of him, I could very well end up playing him elsewhere.

tl;dr - Instead of being Canadian, Viktor was born in Russia and spent most of his life as a criminal within the Gulag labour camps.

Cut to save your sanity, because long profile is long... )
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Okay, so I have been crazily excited about 'X-Men: First Class' coming out and working out how to fit it into Victor's timeline, and this is pretty much what I've come up with:

Non-Spoiler Version: The Vietnam War in which Victor and Logan were involved lasted from 1955-1975; the events of 'X-Men: First Class' are centred around the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Victor and Logan completed a tour of Vietnam pre-1962, and returned to the States where they were potentially present for the events of the movie. After this they were called up for service in Vietnam once more, and it was during this time that Victor went batshit and the feral brothers ended up becoming a part of Team X.

This part of his backstory will apply to all 'verses; when RPing Victor from this era, I'll be using the 'Team X' icons to identify him as being younger.

Spoilery Version Here! )
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Okay, I admit it - I am a filthy LARPer! 8D There's a LARP event coming up this weekend, and as such I won't really be around for the next few days; tags will be slow and/or erratic up until Friday, and then nonexistent from Friday through Sunday as I will hopefully be running around in the woods near Exeter twatting people with a big foam sword.

I should start getting back on track around Monday, when I intend to take a day off work to just roll around in bed going OWWWWWW and SLEEPING.
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Work wasn't too busy today; I managed to churn out this sketch of Victor and his spirit guide Fenris inbetween phone calls:

I'm happy with it, considering it was drawn entirely in blue biro (but scanned in Grayscale because it just looks better that way!) and without any visual references other than my own over-active brain. -_- Oh yeah, and the phone ringing every five damn minutes! Grrrr.
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Intended as an 'at-a-glance' guide for Victor in Bump!verse; it's as much a reference for myself as anything else.

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