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I'm a disappointment, father, an' that's all I'm ever gonna be. It weren't my choice to be born like this. I didn't ask for it. It weren't my fault. I did what I could, I did everythin' that you demanded, I tried so hard t'be the son that y'always wanted; would it have been too much t'ask of you that maybe for once - just once - you coulda been proud of me?

...whaddaya want? Y'really wanna know whose shoes I pissed in this week? You ain't gettin' shit outta me on this one.
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1. Dominance.

2. Submissiveness.

3. Power.
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1. Havin' a dick. Shut up shut up SHUT UP.

2. Cryin'. It's pathetic, it's annoyin', an' it's a sure-fire way t'get kicked outta bed. Yer only s'posed t'cry if I make ya.

3. Do I have protection? Do I look like a fuckin' rubber-johnny dispenser t'you?

4. One word: commitment.
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1. Me.

Oh, alright, fine. But this don't count for shit, y'got that?

2. Logan

3. Arawn

4. Emma

5. Nat

...goddamn it, that just ain't enough. Fuck it, my meme, my rules.

6. Daken

7. Ric
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Me, I'm the kinda person who thinks it's better t'regret somethin' y'have done, rather'n somethin' y'haven't. 'Sides, only pussies get t'worryin' about stuff they can't never change.

But supposin' I ever did regret stuff...

1. Just stood by an' watched when Jimmy killed our worthless, sonuvabitch, piece o' shit excuse for a father. It shoulda been me that killed him. It shoulda been me that sliced him open an' torn through his goddamn heart.

2. Killed Sarah.

3. Let Jimmy walk away.

4. Emma.

5. Listened t'Stryker for so goddamn long.

6. Turned down Chuck's offer 'fore he got to Logan. That coulda been me., yeah. I ain't really got any regrets, not really. Time for another beer...
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1. Sex.

2. Sex.

3. Sex. Wait, didn't I already do this one yesterday?

4. Beer. Preferably cold.

5. Food. Preferably steak, jerky, or some other kinda red meat. None o' that salad bullshit.

6. When am I next gonna be able t'kill somethin'? My claws're itchin' here.

7. ...why did Jimmy bother carryin' guns into all those battles when he just tosses 'em away?
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1. Sex.

2. Sex.

3. Sex.

4. Don't be a goddamn pussy. There ain't many things less attractive than a whinin' female clingin' onto yer arm like a limpet.

5. Sex.

6. Sex.

7. Reassure me. Tell me you ain't never gonna leave, an' fuckin' mean it. I already lost the only person who ever meant shit to me, an' I ain't gonna let it happen again. Let me down, an' I'ma hunt you down an' tear out yer goddamn heart.

8. Sex.

...did it say 'heart'? I meant 'dick'.
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1. Creed ain't my real name.

2. The nails on my feet match the ones on my hands. Hey, when was the last time you saw a cat with claws on his forepaws but not his hind feet?

3. Some of ya make the mistake of thinkin' that I'm just a big, dumb animal, an' that suits me just fine - makes it that much easier t'outsmart ya. But I can read an' I do read, an' my favorite book is 'Of Mice And Men' by John Steinbeck. Lenny reminds me of... someone I know. Heh.

4. I ain't worn anythin' under my trousers in a hundred an' eighty years an' I ain't gonna start now.

5. I still pray, sometimes. But I don't think He bothers listenin' any more, an' I don't blame Him.

6. My favorite flavor of ice-cream is Ben an' Jerry's Phish Food.

7. I've watched Jimmy havin' sex.

8. My Lai was the most fuckin' fun I had in a long, long time.

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1. That weren't even foreplay, sweetheart. Come back when y'got a bigger knife an we'll see 'bout sortin' out this lil' anger management problem o' yours.

2. Y'were a mistake. A big fuckin' mistake. But y'were the best goddamn mistake that I ever made.

3. Missin' me yet, blondie? Just remember, darlin', now I got your scent, I'm always gonna be able t'find ya.

4. I don't hate ya 'cause y'keep nippin' at my heels like an angry puppy. I don't hate ya 'cause y'remind me of somethin' I once was. Hell, I don't even hate ya for bein' a ragin' faggot an' gettin' on yer knees for however many guys y'been with. No, I hate ya 'cause the connection you got with Jimmy is somethin' I ain't never gonna have, an' I know that, if it came down to him havin' t'choose between the two of us, then...

5. Beer?

6. Maybe y'don't realise it yet, but I'd keep on comin' back even if the fridge was bare an you were all outta jerky.

7. When I'm done tearin' off yer head an' shittin' down yer neck, mebbe I'ma finish up by cuttin' off yer tongue an' shovin' it up yer ass.

8. I think I'm ready for the ginger now.

9. I don't do friends but if I did, you'd be the only one I ever had.

10. Here's somethin' for ya t'think about, doll. Fae are s'posed t'be good at enchantin' shit, right? Well, he already got a grip on yer magic, who's to say he ain't got a grip on the way y'feel about Jimmy, too...?


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